Ofsted Reports

Summary of Key Findings for Parents and Pupils: This is a Good School

  • Good leadership and teamwork since the previous inspection has made sure that the rate of pupils’ progress has accelerated. As a result pupils now make good progress.
  • Strong leadership by the headteacher has helped to create a skilful team of leaders, teachers and managers throughout the school. As a result there have been improvements to the quality of teaching and in pupils’ achievement.
  • Pupils develop good reading and writing skills. They thoroughly enjoy reading and talk happily about the books they like to choose.
  • The quality of teaching is good. Teachers deliver well-planned lessons that are creative, interesting and make good use of a wide range of resources.
  • The governing body regularly helps to check how well the school is doing. They work closely with the staff to ensure that the school continues to improve and develop at a good rate.
  • Pupils say they enjoy school. This is reflected in their above-average attendance.
  • The many exciting clubs, visits and activities provided capture pupils’ imagination and helps them to learn well.

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