Sports Premium Report

The Government are continuing with their grant allowance, called the Primary PE and Sport Funding, to support all children and improve the quantity, quality, and breadth of PE and sport provision.

Our indicative Primary and Sport Funding for 2016/17 is £8000 plus £5 per pupil. Schools will be given 65% this year and 35% next year.

At Sacred Heart Primary School we have decided to use this money for the following things:

  • We have appointed a Sports Premium Champion (Mr Webb) who organises all extra curricular PE activities for the whole school. These include sports for SEN Children, vulnerable groups and gifted and talented children.
  • For the last three years we have joined with other school from our local cluster to appoint a highly qualified coach (Miss Bythell) who works alongside the staff to provide high quality CPD whilst also delivering quality PE sessions to all age ranges across the school. Mr Robertshaw timetables these opportunities for each cluster school.
  • To ensure sustainability staff members participate within each lesson which provides effective CPD for each member of staff. 
  • Miss Bythell links Inter School Competitions to school coaching sessions to give ALL children the opportunity to take part in out of school competitions. This is again timetabled by Mr Robertshaw for all cluster schools.
  • Increase participation - With a wide variety of sports being effectively coached to a range of children targeted e.g. B leagues in football and netball, archery, sailing, horse riding. We are seeing a significant increase in participation. We are now working more closely with local clubs e.g. Pendle Athletics Club, Pendle Paddlers to provide links between competitions and curriculum activities so that children can easily take the next steps in participation. 
  • Attainment Logs - Simple assessment logs are taken before and after children's participation that demonstrate improved ability, technique and confidence in a range of sports. 
  • We have hired a range specialist coaches to provide coaching in Tag Rugby, Tennis, Archery, Athletics and Dance
  • We have used the money to enter into the Pendle Sports Trust which offers CPD opportunities for the PE Coordinator, access to Change4life resources, entry into Level 2 and Level 3 sports competitions and inclusive competitions.
  • We have trained our Welfare staff through FUNDA coaching to provide quality lunch time activities with a specific year group on a daily basis.
  • We will continue to use the money to increase the range of equipment that the children of Sacred Heart have access to during playtimes and PE lessons, therefore exposing the children to a higher range of physical activities.

What outcomes are we working towards?

  • Outstanding PE provision across the school (curriculum, assessment, use of TA’s)
  • Increase of knowledge from staff with regards to teaching PE.
  • All children to have access to competitive competition
  • Whole school Level 1 (intra school) competitions which link with our house system.
  • Change4life club now being offered to whole KS2.
  • Identification of able and gifted children and established pathways to local clubs/coaching
  • An increase of physical activity by all pupils within the school.
  • A change in attitude and lifestyle by pupils towards physical activity.

Impact measure

Sacred Heart will measure the impact of the Sports Premium by using questionnaires with pupils and parents, attendance of CPD opportunities by staff, participation in sporting events and attendance figures of the sports centre being taken.

We have recently achieved Silver School Kite Mark.