Pupil results

When Ofsted inspectors visited our school in December 2010, they concluded: Good leadership and teamwork since the previous inspection has made sure that the rate of pupils’ progress has accelerated. As a result pupils now make good progress. Strong leadership by the Headteacher has helped to create a skilful team of leaders, teachers and managers throughout the school. As a result there have been improvements to the quality of teaching and in pupils’ achievement.’ Ofsted’s School Data Dashboard shows the most recent Ofsted summaries of our end of Key Stage 1 and end of Key Stage 2 data, including summaries for Sacred Heart.

High expectations and great enthusiasm for learning is reflected in our results. Department for Education Performance Tables provide detailed analysis of  Sacred Hearts other schools  performance against a variety of measures.

Performance Tables 2016 


Key Stage 2 Results

2015 to 2016


Age Related Expected Standard  

One measure which the Department for Education uses is the percentage of pupils attaining Age Related Expectations (the broad, nationally-expected level for 11 year olds) or more by the end of Year 6 in Reading, Writing and Maths (i.e. all three). From 2010 to 2015, our performance had been improving year-on-year and our results were well above Lancashire and national averages. This year the SAT’s test changed radically and as a result of these change 2016 results vary significantly from previous years.

In 2016, 48% of our pupils achieved the expected standard (or higher) in all three subjects. This was lower than our internal assessment data had estimated.

It’s also useful to think about the breakdown between the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths (also included is the assessment of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling). Proportions attaining Level 4 or higher are:

  • Reading: Expected 58% (national: 66%)
  • Writing: Expected 84% (national: 74%)
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: Expected 84% (national: 72%)
  • Maths: 68% (national: 70%)

Achieving a High Standard

At Sacred Heart Primary, we pride ourselves on making sure higher attaining pupils are provided with lots of challenge.

  • Reading: 19%
  • Writing: 26%
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling:  29%
  • Maths: 26%

Average Scaled Score per pupil

  • Reading: 100 (national 103)
  • Grammar, Punctuation And Spelling: 105 (104)
  • Maths: 104 (103)

Whilst we don’t feel the Reading scores are a true reflection of the children’s capabilities we are interrogating the reading data, our reading practices and opportunities in teaching and learning to ensure the best possible outcomes for all our children.


Many people would argue that progress is the most important measure as it truly reflects the quality of teaching and learning, regardless of pupils’ starting points. Progress is typically measured from Year 2 (the end of Key Stage 1) to Year 6 (the end of Key Stage 2).

At Sacred Heart early data analysis shows that the children’s progress is well above national floor standards.

  • Reading: - 1 (floor standards -5)
  • Writing: 3.4 (floor standard -5)
  • Maths: 1.9 (floor standard -7

Key Stage 1 Results 


  • Year 1 Phonics: 90%  (National 81%)

Key Stage 1 SAT's 2016

  • Reading: 74.2% (National 74%)
  • Writing: 74.2% (National 66%)
  • Maths: 77.4% (National 72%)
  • Reading, writing & maths combined: 67.7% (National 60%)

Foundation Stage Results 

  • EYFS GLD: 86.7% (National to be confirmed)