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Changes to Homework 2018

 Dear Parents,

 I’m writing to inform you of the changes taking place to homework. Over the last six months or so we have been looking at ways to improve the way we plan and deliver the children’s homework. We want to provide a greater range of tasks that are less work sheet reliant and link more closely with our creative curriculum whilst also giving you more flexibility so that you can plan home learning tasks around your busy lives!  We also want to focus more closely on the elements of home learning that make the biggest difference to the children’s progress in school e.g. mental maths (number bonds, times tables) and reading.

 Along with this letter you will receive a home learning menu that consists of a variety of task linked to your child’s class topic and a home learning activity book.

 You are able to choose the tasks you would like to complete with your child.  The tasks are split into two sections ‘Let’s get Learning!’ and ‘Let’s get Creative’ which are completed on alternate weeks. Some tasks can be done quickly whereas others will take up more time. You can choose which tasks to do and when to do them.  You may have some ideas of your own that you would like to record in their home learning book instead of one of the tasks set. The home learning menus also include daily mental math’s activities e.g. number bonds, times tables and reading or phonics activities for the children to complete.  

 The home learning activity book will be collected every Thursday  so that your child’s class teacher can check which activity has been completed that week and provide your child with feedback. Home learning activity books can then be returned on Friday’s ready for the weekend. At the front of the activity books you will find diary sheets that you can fill in to let us know what work your child has completed that week. This also gives you an opportunity to communicate with the class teacher and ask for any support or guidance you may need.

 All homework menus and additional resources will be added to the school website, http://www.sacredheartschoolcolne.co.uk , on the new home learning section at the top of the home page.  Simply go to ‘Home Learning’ and then click on your child’s class.

 If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to ask.

 Yours Sincerely


Mr. Robertshaw