Sacred heart community sports club


How to join our Community Sports Club 

Our clubs are open to all local children and not just those at Sacred Heart. Please complete the application and medical forms below and return them to school office

As soon as your application form has been processed someone will be in touch to either make arrangements for your first training session or to let you know where your child is on the waiting list. 

Application form (all sports)  

Identify the sports you would like your child to take part in and complete the remainder of the form.

Send the form to 


Medical form (all sports)

The medical form must be completed before your child's first session. If your child's medical information changes then you must submit a new form as soon as possible. 

Send the form to 


At Sacred Heart we do our very best to keep our children active as we believe that children gain so much from physical exercise. From our daily mile to lunchtime clubs and after school sport activities we can see the huge benefit physical exercise has for our children.

We now provide additional sports clubs and activities in the evenings for all children living in Colne and the surrounding areas. We hope these clubs will support the children’s health and well-being whilst also developing their natural talents and enthusiasm for sport. We will be working closely with local clubs and coaches so that those children who want to can easily make the step to local competitions and sports clubs. 

As the number of sports clubs in the area for girls is limited when compared to those for boys we will ensure that girls are given every opportunity to develop a love of sport at this critical age and have tried to provide a range of sports that girls can participate in whilst also providing opportunities for boys.


We are always looking for support from the local community and parents to help run these clubs and would welcome those of you who have an interest in these sports and would like to volunteer as a helper. Being a helper can be coaching, taking the register, welcoming the children or organising resources etc. If you can help in any way, we would like to hear from you!


Please contact Mr. Robertshaw  or complete the form on the next page if you are interested.