School Uniform


Our school uniform can be purchased from School Brands, a local company that has been supplying our uniform and sports kits for the last few years. Uniform can be ordered on line by clicking on the link below and can be delivered to home or school. 


 We have two options for school uniform

                                                                                                                                                                               Click here for the letter outlining changes to our PE Kit 

Our Traditional School Uniform 

Our traditional school uniform can be worn  on all days except PE days


Our school Uniform consists of; 

Red Jumper or Cardigan 

White Polo shirt, Shirt or Blouse 

Grey or Black Trousers, Shorts or Skirt 

Grey or Black Tights 

White, Grey or Black Socks 

Black Shoes 

The Jumper, Cardigan, T-shirt and Bags are all available with the school badge from School Brands.  

Our Sports Kit Uniform 

A sports kit that can be worn on PE days in Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2 and for our Key Stage 2 children can be worn everyday.  


Our School Sports Kit consists of:

Black/Red Tracksuit Top with school badge (only available from School Brands)  or 

A Black Hoodie with School badge (Only available from School Brands) 

A Black/Red Sports Tee with school badge (Only available from School Brands) 

A plain black sports t-shirt with school badge (Only available from School Brands) 

Black Tracksuit Bottoms, Leggings or shorts