Our Mission


At Sacred Heart we are inspired by Jesus to be the very best we can be. We look after one another and show respect and love through our relationships with one another. Jesus is in our hearts.

Let your light shine Matthew 5:16


WORD (We learn from Jesus our special teacher)

Jesus is our special teacher. He is always with us. Through the gospel readings we are able to follow in Jesus’s footsteps, reflect on our decisions and choose the right path. This allows our bright colours to shine. At Sacred Heart we place Christ at the centre of all we do.


WELCOME (We welcome everyone into God’s family)

Jesus welcomed all people as his message is for everyone. In school we show welcome and warmth to all by inspiring one another to reach their true potential and celebrating our unique talents and gifts. We are a welcoming faith community and remember that our God is the loving Father of us all.


WELFARE (We show others that we love and care for them)

Jesus said we should ‘love one another as I have loved you.’ We do this in school by looking after each other; especially those who are vulnerable and by putting the needs of others first. We are always ready to forgive others and we say sorry with honesty, courage and meaning.


WORSHIP (We listen, talk and celebrate with Jesus)

Everything that we do in school is a celebration of God's creation, every subject, every activity, every moment. To help us remember this we have special times of prayer throughout the day, the week and the year. We often celebrate mass and we know that Jesus is with us in a very special way


WITNESS (We live a life that helps other people know Jesus)

We are never on our own. Jesus is with us in every place and situation in school. This gives us a special hope now and for the future. We follow Jesus and guide others as one body in Christ Jesus.