Sports & Clubs


Daily Mile 

From the summer term of Year 2 and then throughout Key Stage 2 our children take part in a 10 minute daily run. They are given rewards and incentives each week to help keep them motivated and then take part in a timed mile once a term so that they can keep track of their own fitness. 

After school sport 

Monday Evening - Girls Football (Current holders of the Pendle League Trophy) 

Tuesday Evening - Badminton for 5 and 6 

Wednesday - Netball and football (Our girls are current Pendle League Champions and Lancashire Runners up) 

Thursday - Cross Country (Current Pendle Champions)  and Athletics (Current Pendle Champions) 

Friday - Badminton for Years 3 and 4   


We also have the following school teams;


Tag Rugby (current Pendle Champions) 

Swimming (Current Medium School Pendle Champions) 



At Sacred Heart we have a great number of sports clubs available to the children. We try to encourage the children to take part in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. We have a wide range of sports teams and take part in sporting events in the local area and beyond. 


PE lessons and more 

We employ Mr Bradley a qualified PE teacher top deliver each class 2 hours of high quality PE each week. Alongside high quality PE lessons a variety of children also take part in weekly yoga sessions, fishing and environmental activities that include gardening, horse riding and walks. 

Lunch time Sport

Our PE Leader Mr Bradley leads lunchtime activities that encourage the children to take part in a variety of sports from basketball and handball to tennis and try golf. Different year groups are targeted on different days of the week.